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The VS-TrEx Network (TrEx Net)

The authors of VS-TrEx software have created a selling, referral and affilate (CPA) system, specifically for VS-TrEx Powered Sites. This includes several ways that Traffic Exchange Webmasters can bring their sites to profitability more quickly.

Data distribution is handled by our advertising branch, called The Link Ring.

  • Phase 1 was the VariSearch Traffic Exchange Network (VS-TEN), which distributes views between exchanges.
  • Phase 2 was AdNet, which distributes for-pay hard links in our network of exchanges.
  • Phase 3 is TrEx Net, which provides VS-TrEx webmasters with the advantages of CPA network membership
  • Phase 4 (in development) will allow VS-TrEx sites to create 'selling groups'

You will find that VS-TrEx software is one of the few systems that actually provides legitimate ways for you to succeed as an exchange webmaster.

Below is a sampling of some of our AdNet Ads. Feel free to check them out.

-- TrEx Net --
-- TrEx Net --
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