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Are you tired of having your website deleted from other exchanges for not being in English?

We allow you to advertise any language as long as the site can be checked in Google translator

YOU choose the way you surf.

  Auto Surf Option.

  • This is fastest way to get a ton of raw traffic to your web site.
  • Used correctly, this can greatly improve your Alexa rankings.
  • Also recommended for promoting and building down-lines in other traffic exchanges.
  • No-Click surfing automatically loads a new page every few seconds*.

  Manual Click Surf Option.

  • The traditional way to surf, where you manually click to view other members sites.
  • This is considered by some to give you better quality visitors than the Auto option.
  • You must wait for the timer to count down and then manually click an image to progress to the next site.

  Sequential Page Display.

  • Display your pages in a specific order.
  • Similar to the way you see advertisements for McDonald's as you drive along the highway.
  • This improves the results of your promotions by the reinforcement of related pages and statements.

  Banner Exchange.

  • Get increased exposure with your banners on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays banners
  • An example of our banner exchange banner is at the bottom of this page

 Text Ad Exchange.

  • Get increased exposure with your text ads on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays text ads...
  • Keep it consistent with your site: You control the width, color, and placement of ads on your site.

  Many other great ways to earn credits.

  • Get more promotion for less $: Many ways to earn traffic on our system.
  • Promote our site to get more hits to your site.
  • Instant sign up bonus for any member you refer (after they activate account).
  • Earn on referrals' surf-earnings.
  • Link banners to your site displays for greater impact
  • Control the 'tip text' that appears when a user 'mouses over' your banner
    • This increases the amount of message you can deliver to viewers.
  • Save your bandwidth for your customers: Upload banners to our site
  • Put your banner on our banner exchange for even greater exposure
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